Step 1Step 1

Power consumption analysis: Smarten Solutions will interactively investigate your power requirement and utilization. We will tabulate the data.

Step 2Step 2

Energy efficiency: Based on the analysis in Step 1, Smarten Solutions will identify certain items that can be replaced with energy efficient units such as lighting, fans, etc.,

Step 3Step 3

Proposal and Estimate: We will then recalculate the power requirements and create the Solar Power System Estimate and Design Proposal..

Step 4Step 4

Your Approval: Once you have gone through the estimate and design, we can sign the contract with your purchase order and advance payment

Step 5Step 5

System Preparation: Smarten Solutions will procure the materials as per the design and prepare for installation in consultation with you.

Step 6Step 6

Installation and Commissioning: The system will be installed by our staff and commissioned for usage after relevant tests. A installation report will be submitted for your verification and approval. Congratulations!

Step 7Step 7

Warranty Support and Maintenance: Smarten Solutions will provide the planned preventive maintenance as per the proposal and will be available for applicable warranty support within the warranty period

Step 8Step 8

Annual Maintenance: Smarten Solutions can take up a contract for annual maintenance after the warranty period expires.