What you can do for your Business

Your Business's electrical power consumption can be broadly categorized into:

 Lighting Loads: Lights, Fans, TV, Computers, Printers, Copiers, Coffee Machine, Water Chiller/Dispenser etc.,
 Heating Loads: Air Conditioner, Water Pump, Lifts, Heavy Electrical Machinery etc.,

You will also either have a UPS or a Diesel Generator for backup power.

We will help you identify the loads that can be replaced with energy efficient equivalents such as LED lights, Low power Fans and other appliances which will reduce your power requirement.

We will then list out which of these loads you would want to power from Solar/Wind either as a backup power or as the main source of power.

Typically, the lighting loads are considered for use with solar / wind electrical power in most economical installations

LED Lighting: Light Emitting Diodes -"LED" are electronic devices that consume very less electricity compared to other types of lights, making them the preferred form of lighting in most lighting applications

LED lights consume half the power of even the so called "Energy efficient CFL lights" to provide the same amount of illumination and we can modify your existing fixtures to accomodate LEDs in them or supply you with new fixtures in standard sizes.

 In office spaces, the standard 2ft x 2ft sized or other standard sized concealed downlights using PL or CFL lights can be replaced with equivalent LED lights
 In Parking lots too, the lights can be replaced with LED lights to achieve a substantial savings in operational costs due to their longer lighting hours.
 In Factories and Warehouses, we can provide LED Tubelights, Flood lights and Baylights of high power to replace existing Metal halide or Mercury vapour lamps. For eg., a 250watt traditional lamp can be replaced with a 120watt LED lamp to get the same amount of illumination. Moreover, due to the longer lifetimes of LED lamps, the routine maintenance issues are eliminated.

Solar Electrical Power: Using the Sun's light energy, electrical power is produced using solar panels and stored into Batteries and then converted using inverters to supply power to your home's electrical loads

There are multiple options in configuring your solar power system according to your priority, usage and budget. We will help you in choosing the right one for you.

 As a Grid Tied primary source of power during the day: DIRECTLY FROM SOLAR POWER through an online inverter; NO Batteries; but uses the Grid power to supply the remaining power required by the load
 As a Standalone primary source of power throughout the day and night: Stores the solar power into batteries and supplies to the load. Does not use Grid power for the connected loads.
 As a Hybrid source of power throughout the day and night: Charges the batteries from Solar as well as the Grid power and supplies to the load. Reduces the cost of the partial Solar power
 As a Backup source of power for a specified number of hours per day such as 2 hours or 4 hours per day backup; Stores the Solar power into batteries and switches on only when the Grid power is unavailable

Outdoor Solar: Independent solar powered LED lights can be used for pathways, gardens, gates etc.,

Wind Electrical Power: If there is a good amount of wind at the location thoughout the year, we can install a wind power generator in combination with solar power.