What you can do for your home

Your home's electrical power consumption can be broadly catogorized into:

 Lighting Loads: Lights, Fans, TV, Computers, Mobile Chargers, Audio Equipment etc.,
 Heating Loads: Water heater (Geyser), Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Air Conditioner, Water Pump, Hair Dryer, Clothes Iron etc.,

We will help you identify the loads that can be replaced with energy efficient equivalents such as LED lights, Low power Fans, Solar Water Heaters etc., which will reduce your power requirement.

We will then list out which of these loads you would want to power from Solar/Wind either as a backup power or as the main source of power.

Typically, the lighting loads are considered for use with solar / wind electrical power in most economical installations

Solar Water Heaters: If you have an independent home or live in an apartment where you can use a portion of the terrace space, you can install a solar water heater, which will use the sun's heat to heat up the water and store it in a highly insulated tank of your preferred capacity

 A Electric hot water geyser typically has a 2kw heating coil in a 25 litre capacity tank, which takes around 30 to 45 minutes to heat up the water. This is barely enough water for a single person to have a normal shower bath even after mixing the hot water with cold water.

 For a 4 member family, you would need atleast a 100 litre quantity per use, which is 2kw x 1/2hour x 4 members = 4kwh (or units) per use

 A Solar Water Heater on the other hand uses Sun's heat to heat up the water of a single tank of 100 litres per use.

 If you consider a Rs 4/- tariff for residential power, with a hot water geyser your monthly electricity bill just for water heating will be around 4kwh x 4Rs x 30days = Rs. 480/- per month! or around Rs. 5800/- per year!

This along with the cost of a hot water geyser, makes the solar water heater a wise investment with a return on your investment starting from the 2nd year itself.

LED Lighting: Light Emitting Diodes -"LED" are electronic devices that consume very less electricity compared to other types of lights, even lesser than CFL's and Tubelights, making them the preferred form of lighting in most lighting applications

LED lights are available as direct replacement bulbs and tubelights that go into standard existing fittings, or in various other decorative fittings for concealed or aesthetic applications.

Based on the type of lighting you have in your home and their daily utilization, we can recommend which ones you should go for a change into LED fixtures, that will help reduce your corresponding electrical power requirements.

Solar Electrical Power: Using the Sun's light energy, electrical power is produced using solar panels and stored into Batteries and then converted using inverters to supply power to your home's electrical loads

The system can be either used as a backup power system; that is, when there is a power cut, it would supply the power from the batteries charged from solar power, OR as a standalone system, where this will be your main source of power. Typically in an independent house, all the lighting loads such as lights, fans, tv, computers and other electronic devices can be powered through solar power.

There are multiple options in configuring your solar power system according to your priority and budget. We will help you in choosing the right one for you.