At smarten solutions, we strive to provide the most optimum energy solution for our clients. We are a niche solar wind power design and installation company whose focus is on helping our clients get the greatest energy cost savings through our LED lighting and solar wind power applications.

With depleting fossil fuel resources and their harmful effects on the environment, it is most crucial for residences, businesses and institutions to adopt energy efficient appliances powered through solar and wind power systems. They also provide significant cost savings compared with traditional appliances and electricity options.

Browse through our product offerings and find out how and why using them in your daily lives will help you and the environment.
 Solar Thermal devices: Solar Water Heaters, Solar Cookers, Solar Air Conditioners
 Solar LED lighting: Solar Street Lights, Solar Garden Lights, Solar Lanterns / Emergency Lights
 Solar DC Fans for Table top, wall mounted or Ceiling applications
 Solar Water Pumps for domestic and irrigation applications
 Solar UPS systems and Solar Standalone / Grid connected applications
 Wind turbine generators / windmills / wind power systems / wind - solar hybrid systems
 LED Lighting applications
 Sensor based switches for Lights - indoor and outdoor - save power! save money!

If you are interested in learning more about how we can help you with a LED lighting, wind or solar electric system, please contact us today to discuss your requirement